Frank M. Marchak
Frank M. Marchak is a human factors engineering psychologist with interdisciplinary knowledge and technical skills in visual perception and cognitive science, experimental design and analysis, and usability engineering. He has over twenty five years of experience in applied research, user interface design, and information visualization applied to interactive, state-of-the-art human-machine systems. He is President and Senior Principal Research Scientist at Veridical Research and Design Corporation and adjunct faculty in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Montana State University.

Prior to founding Veridical Research and Design, Dr. Marchak was Principal Human Factors Engineer at TASC, where he provided management and technical expertise for user interfaces, web sites, and human performance models. While at TASC, he directed the user requirements analysis, user interaction design & rapid prototyping of the vessel scheduling component of the Enhanced Vessel Traffic Management System for the Panama Canal. He was responsible for the conceptual, visual, and user-interaction design of internet and intranet sites, including secure, commerce-based on-line transactions and corporate-wide intranet sites. Dr. Marchak led the operator interface development effort for an advanced sonar processing system, and accompanied the system for a two-month sea-trial aboard a Trident class submarine.

Dr. Marchak has taught courses in Human-Computer Interaction Design and Web Design at Boston University Metropolitan College and the TASC Institute, as well as Ergonomics and Professional Practice and Reponsibility at Montana State University. He  received the B.A. degree in Psychology from Muhlenberg College in 1982 and received the Ph.D. degree in 1988 from Dartmouth College in Experimental Psychology - Cognition and Perception.